On Valentines Day, which actually is a big day here in Uganda we travelled to visit CHRISC Mulira local group in Ndejje. The four people from the national office Peter, Justus, Serina and me had a day filled with new experiences and fun. Our day started with a walk in the village, while Kaddu the district coordinator showed us all the different fruits that they grow in the village. After the walk it was time for church and prayer. It didn’t get very much of what they were saying because they were talking luganda, but after a while everyone was looking at Serina and me, and it was our time to present our selves for the community.

When the service was finish we all gather outside church and started to plant the 72 mango and avocado trees that we had brought from Ndejje. The whole village was participating in the activity and every house had a hull ready to plant their tree in. when we walked through the village I almost felt like I do on the 17th of May back home. Every family in the village was a part of the tree planting and I really felt that this was something that they felt was theirs. I felt that I recognized some of the same spirit that we have in my village back home in Norway. I have been trying to tell people  what`s so special about living in a village, but its not easy. But visiting this village in Uganda shows me that, it is not only in Norway that living in a village is a special experience.

 Our trip through the village ended at the football field, and her we were entertained by the local CHRISC drama group. They played, danced and had different games for us. Amazing! Kaddu, the district coordinator also had some kicking AIDS out game with all the participants, before we played a football match and all the guests had to have a speech. But before we left Mulira, they gave us 5 sugarcanes, 2 jack fruits, one papaya, too many sweet potatoes and one basket each. So it was four tiered, happy and sunburnt people who went back to Kampala after a brilliant adventure in Ndejje.