One of the things I been very exacted about with this year at Hald in Uganda is how it is to celebrate Christmas in an other country then Norway, with out my family, friends and all the Norwegian Christmas traditions. We tried to continue some of our Christmas traditions here in Uganda and Kenya, but it was not the same taste of the gingerbreads, our Christmas tree was not the same as back in Norway and it not the same to walk around a plame and sing Christmas carols. I have to admire that I never got the Christmas feeling this year, even if we tried. The only time I felt it was Christmas, was when we were shooping at Mr Price (a clothing store/ nesten som H&M i Norge) and they had Christmas carols and I had the shooping feeling for the first time in Africa.

This made me think about what Christmas really is about? Maybe Christmas has become to materialistic and only an opportunity for the store to earn some extra money. Isn’t Christmas about something more, about Jesus being born to save you and me, about families and friends having a good time together and for us to let people around us know that we care about them?

Even if my Christmas in 2009 was very different from what I am used to, I had a good Christmas with the other girls in Mombasa, even without all the pressure of baking all the 7 different Christmas cakes, washing the flat and buying all the presents. Instead of trying to make every thing perfect we enjoyed our self with a good meal, one present for each person and singing Christmas carols around the Palme on the beach.