These two months in Uganda has given me a lot of new experiences, both good and bad. In Kisoro I experienced to fell sick and go to the hospital for my first time. I am lucky since I am a muzungu (white person) and a muzungu does not have to stand in a queue to see the doctor.

 So after being driven the few minutes to the hospital I could just walk strait in to see the nurse, even if the waiting room was full of people who needed medical help. It was Sunday, the doctor was not at work, but since a muzungu was sick, he came to check on me. The doctor said I had a starting pneumonia, so I got some antibiotic and hoped to be better soon.

Since I did not feel well I traveled back to Kampala two days before we had planed. In Kampala I was taken to a clinic called the Surgery. When I came in to the clinic there was almost only muzungus in there, because this was the best clinic in Kampala. There were actually white doctors there as well. After two visits and some tests they finally found out that it was not pneumonia I had, but a parasite called amoeba. So they gave me a lot of drugs and hopefully it will make me healthy again. 

Even if I am very grateful that I did not have to wait for a long time to see a doctor and have the best doctors to check on, it feels so wrong.  There is too many people getting different serious diseases here in Uganda, so they should use the small recourses they have to prioritize their own citizen. It just felt so wrong, because I know that if an African got sick in Norway, he had to go in the back of the queue and wait. Because Norway with all it recourses, prioritize its own citizens. To see a doctor at the Surgery is expensive in Uganda, but since I am a muzungu I don’t have to think about the money, because I have incurrence that will pay my medical bills. This experience just show how unfair the world is and why we have to do something about it…..