Last week we traveled to Kisoro and Kabale to attend the closer of the football/ volleyball league, have a workshop about teambuilding and CHRISC school program. I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time, both to see more of the work that CHRISC does and to see Marte and Oda again.

The bus trip from Kampala to Kisoro was supposed to take 10 hours.  After 13 hours in the bus we finally reached Kisoro 8 am, tired after a sleepless night.  Our program in Kisoro did not start until Saturday, so we had a quiet day with some sleep and walking around town. Kisoro lies in the west of Uganda and has a beautiful nature. In the evening we had a small walk up to one of the many hills and the view was some of the most beautiful I have seen.

 On Saturday we attended the closer of the CHRISC league in Kisoro. After seen the youths playing and having fun, I can see more and more that CHRISC offers these youths some much more the just an opportunity to do sport. The sport is just a tool to gather the youths and give them an opportunity to improve their skills in sport, leadership and give them a foundation of good values to build their life on.

Because I fell sick I could not attend the workshop on Monday and Tuesday, but the Peter, Justus and Serina had a very good workshop with 15 engaged youths from Kisosro district. The theme for the workshop was teambuilding and CHRISC school program (life skills). With a mix between presentation and games the two days were successful.  

On Wednesday we left for Kabale and new adventures. My adventure in Kabale did not last for more then two days. But it was very fun to meet the girls again and to see some of the town. Before I go back to Norway I have to go back to Kabale to experience the nature around.

If you want to know what I was suppose to do in Kisoro and Kabale, take a look at Serinas blog,