After a month in Kampala, it was good to come out from the big town and all the noice. The trip started early friday morning and 6 o`clock am two muzongos and one kenyan was on the bus ready to go to Mbale. Even if the clock only was 6 in the morning, a man was very eager to sell toothpaste, moisture, some minte drops and a medicin that could cure all kinds of diseases. The funniest part was that people actually bought the tings that he was selling.  Since non of us had ever been to Mbale before, we did not know when we were suppose to arrive or where to go of, and when we finaly went of the bus we did not have any clue of were in Mbale we were.  But after some time we finaly meet Silje and Marthe.

Fist they showed us CRO were they are working, and presented us for the staff and the kids. Around midday we went to the field to play some football with the kids. After lunch we stayed at CRO and played with the kids before we left and went to Marthe and Siljes place. Back at their place we ate chiapati pizza and firekløver (siste norske sjokoladen me hadde med oss når me reiste). We had a good time and talked about what had happend the last month.

On saturday we sleept for a long and had a good breakfast before we went to town. In town we went to the marked and me and Serina bought some traditinal african cloths, before we ate indian food for lunch. On our way back to their place we meet some of the players at CROs football team, incredible cool people. After joining them to watch the football match we went back to Marthe and Siljes place to eat brownis and chat.

Sunday morning we were up early to attend church. So in african time, 15 minutts late four muzongos came to the church in their beautifull african cloths. The church were celebrating the women in the congregation, so that was the reason why we had traditional cloths on. After church we had agreed to take to bus back to Kampala with Mike. So me and Serina went to meet him at the busspot. The only problem was that the next bus was not leaving before 2 hours later. So after some help from our friend Tomm, the two muzongos and the kenyan was travaling together with on ugandan in a privat car with a friend of a friend of our friend Tomm. We arrived Kampala safely and ready for a new week at the shool;)