Back home in Norway I really enjoy to hike in our beautifull nature. I love the quiet and clam atmoshpere, and it gives me time to just let my minds flow and think about big and small thoughts. At home I use to bring my dog Prins as company and then we have our usual round that we walk. Here in Uganda I have missed my eveningswalks, so yeasterday I found out that I needed to just take a walk for my self to try to process all the experiences that I have had for the last mounth.

So I found my ipod and turned my music and started to walk. I must look very strange for the local people to see a muzongo (kviting) who is waking very fast with music in her ears. At my eveningstrips in Norway i often do not meet people at all. But here in Kampala there is people everywhere. There is kids who is screaming: hei/bye muzongo, and people are greating and asking how I am doing. Even if it is not what I am used back home in Norway, I liked my trip last night. It was nice to just walk in muzongo speed and let my thoughts buzz around in my head.