After 3 weeks in Africa I have done a lot of things that I do not know how to do. And I have made a motto for this year. This is going to be the year I am going to take the challenge to do things that I do not know with a smile.

At the school we have started a CHRISC league in football. So each afternoon from 3.30 to around 5 we are at Mulago field to have to matches very day. Since it is only Serina, Rogers, Robert and I who are responsible for this league, there is a lot to do. So one time I was the coach for two teams at the same time, while I to day was a referee for my first time. It was funny but strange experience. Some times it was very confusing, because both the teams was communicating in luganda, so I did not know what they said and if they were happy with my referee or something else. But I had fun and I hope that this was not the last time I am a football referee or a coach for two teams at the same time. Even if it can be very frustration that thing are not that organized as I am used to in Norway, I think it is very charming and I am looking forward to spend some more afternoon at Mulago field together with the kids and Rogers and Robert!