Now it has almost gone 2 weeks since we left Norway, and we are starting to get used to the daily life her in Kampala. The life heir in Uganda is very different from home. We are working from 8.30 to around 5 pm. We are working from Monday to Thursday, and Friday is our study day. Before lunch we have PE and lifeskills classes at St Martin`s primary school. The children are very sweet, eager to learn and full of energy! But it is a challange to be a teacher for 40-50 children and to speak english with them.

The afternoons we spent at the offices with our supervisor Peter and Justus. We use the time at the offices to plan tomorrow’s classes, some paperwork, checking mails and what ever the «big boss» Peter wants us to do. I dont think that we have left the office without laughing on day, so they are taking really good care of us!