On friday moring five tierd and anxiously girls arrived Africa and Nairbo early in the morning. After a short break in Nairobi we took the airplane to Entebbe.  Peter, our contactperson and Rober meet us at the airport and drove us to a hotel in Kampala. At the hotel we met the rest of team Muzongo! We spent our first day in Africa mainly at the hotel, because all of us were tierd after the long  journy. But we had to take a walk in the neightbourhood to see how Uganda is. So we went to the shop to buy water and fruit, and the bananas are much better her in Uganda then in Norway.

On saturday we went to Jinja with our contactpersons and some people from the regional Office of Stromme here in East Africa. We had a great day and we saw the source of the Nile, and some great waterfalls. I am so greatfull for the warm welcome that everybody her has given us, both local people and the staff at Stromme. During the day in Jinja I felt that I really had seen some of Africa, beautifull nature, friendly people and very warm weather.

On sunday Cathrine, the contactperson for Mils2Smils and Pricilla, the region director took us to their church and we attendet  our first african service. Pricilla presented us and we had to go in the font of the church to present us for the church. Again we felt very welcomed and I really thankful for the way the people welcome us her. After church we went down town to buy new simcards, but it turned out that we all had to buy new mobiles. So now all the Act Nowers in Uganda have the same telefon. Afterwards the rest of the group went to buy shirts, while Serina and I went back to the hotel to pack our things and to move in to our flat. Our flat is next to Irene and Beates flat and it is a really nice place, and from the balcony we can see right in to our African neightbourhood! In the evening Torkel, Marie and Marlene come to visit us along with the rest of Team Muzongo! We had a great evening together and Oda, Marte, Silje and Marthe stayed over, so they did not have to go back to the hotel.

On monday morning we went to Stromme Office to lead the staff at the office in devotion. (morgenmøte) After devotion we got some last advices about cross cultural communication and what to do and not to do during our stay in Uganda. Afterwards we went to the Norwegian Embassy to register us and to let them know that we are here. After lunch Marthe and Silje left us and went to Mbale, while Serina and me went back to the flat to start unpacking and organize our flat. In the evening we went with Irene and Beate to Kalawre Street to buy some thing to the flat and food.

 Today has been our first day at work, and it has been really nice. Today we have had a meeting with Peter and Semei, the staff at CHRISC Uganda, where Semei told us about CHRISC and their work  and what we are suppose to do. So we are mainly going to work at a St Martins school, were we are going to ha PE and classes in life skills. In the school holidays we are going to travel to the different  CHRISC district to attend the work CHRISCH are doing. After the meeting we went to look at a football tournament, where different school participated, and we met the girls team from the school we are going to work on. Now we are siting at the office with Peter and catchig up with our e-mails, facebook and blogs!